What is the LeaderOS Theme Editor?

The LeaderOS Theme Editor is an advanced web-based theme editing tool designed to streamline and simplify the customization process of your LeaderOS theme. Uniquely engineered to allow for swift modifications without the need for connecting via FTP, this editor stands out for its user-friendly approach to website design. Its interface draws inspiration from the renowned Visual Studio Code, offering a familiar yet powerful environment for both novice and seasoned developers alike. With the LeaderOS Theme Editor, transforming the aesthetic and functionality of your site becomes a seamless and efficient process, encapsulating a coding experience that mirrors professional development platforms.


How to access the Theme Editor?

Navigate to Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Editor to access the LeaderOS Theme Editor.

Folder Structure

Let’s take a look at the folder structure of LeaderOS themes:

  • index.php: The main file of the theme. This file is required to be in the theme folder.
  • /theme.json: Contains the default theme settings, the theme name, and the theme version.
  • /private: Contains the private files of the theme. Like the layout files, the content files, the translation files, etc. These files are not accessible directly from the browser. LeaderOS includes these files in the index.php file.
    • /layouts: Contains the layout files of the theme.
      • head.php: Contains the head tag of the website.
      • header.php: Contains the header of the website.
      • footer.php: Contains the footer of the website.
      • scripts.php: Contains the JS scripts of the website. Like bootstrap, jquery, etc.
      • translation_js.php: Contains the frontend translation variables.
    • /content: Contains the pages of the website.
      • 404.php: Contains the 404 page.
      • application.php: Contains the Staff Application module.
      • bazaar.php: Contains the Bazaar module.
      • checkout.php: Contains the checkout page.
      • chest.php: Contains the Chest module.
      • credit.php: Contains the Credit module.
      • download.php: Contains the Download Center module.
      • email-verification.php: Contains the email verification page.
      • form.php: Contains the Custom Form module.
      • forum.php: Contains the Forum module.
      • games.php: Contains the Gamemodes module.
      • gaming-night.php: Contains the Gaming Night module.
      • ghost_content.php: Contains the content page of the Ghost module.
      • ghost.php: Contains the post list page of the Ghost module.
      • gift.php: Contains the Gift module.
      • help.php: Contains the Help Center module.
      • home.php: Contains the home page, slider, sidebar and blog posts.
      • leaderboard.php: Contains the Leaderboards module.
      • login.php: Contains the login page.
      • lottery.php: Contains the Wheel of Fortune module.
      • maintenance.php: Contains the maintenance page.
      • manage-bazaar.php: Contains the manage bazaar items page of the Bazaar module.
      • manual-payment.php: Contains the manual payment page.
      • news.php: Contains the News module.
      • orders.php: Contains the orders page.
      • page.php: Contains the Custom Pge module.
      • play.php: Contains the play page.
      • player.php: Contains the player profile page.
      • profile.php: Contains the profile page.
      • punishments: Contains the Punishments module.
      • recover.php: Contains the account recover page.
      • register.php: Contains the register page.
      • rules.php: Contains the rules page.
      • staff.php: Contains the Staff module.
      • store.php: Contains the Store module.
      • suggestions.php: Contains the Suggestions module.
      • support.php: Contains the Support (Tickets) module.
      • tebex_store_checkout.php: Contains the checkout page of the Tebex Store module.
      • tebex_store.php: Contains the store page of the Tebex Store module.
      • tfa-recover.php: Contains the TFA recover page.
      • tfa.php: Contains the TFA page.
      • vote.php: Contains the Vote module.
    • /languages: Contains the translation files of the website. The translation files are in JSON format. We don’t recommend editing these files directly. You can use the translation editor in the admin panel to edit the translations. But you can use these files to add new translations.
  • /public: Contains the public files of the theme. Like ajax files, assets, CSS, JS, images, etc.
    • /ajax: Contains the ajax files of the theme. You can use these files to create ajax requests.
    • /assets: Contains the assets of the theme. Like CSS, JS, images, etc.
      • /css: Contains the CSS files of the theme.
      • /js: Contains the JS files of the theme.
      • /img: Contains the images of the theme.
      • /fonts: Contains the fonts of the theme.