Here are permissions that you can set for a role or a user:

  • Super Admin: Grants full access and control to manage all aspects of LeaderOS, including the customization, configuration, and administration of website modules and settings.
  • View Dashboard: Provides the ability to access the LeaderOS Dashboard.

    Without the “View Dashboard” permission, any other permission granted will not be functional.

  • View Stats: Allows users to access and review statistical data, including monthly reports, payments, donations, and other relevant metrics.
  • Manage Users: Enables the management of player and administrative accounts, including setting roles, permissions, and access levels within the LeaderOS environment.

    Users with the “Manage Users” permission cannot edit a user with higher permissions.

  • Manage Applications: Permits the administration of staff applications within the system, including the ability to approve, reject, or modify application settings.
  • Manage Bans: Authorizes the user to enforce or lift bans, controlling which users are prohibited from accessing certain features or the system entirely.
  • Manage Bazaar: Offers functionalities to oversee a player-driven marketplace, facilitating trade and economy interactions among players on the server.
  • Manage Announcements: Allows for creating, updating, and deleting announcements, ensuring that players are informed about news, updates, and important events.
  • Manage Downloads: Enables control over the distribution of downloadable content such as mods, maps, and resource packs directly through the server’s website.
  • Manage Games: Grants the ability to manage and promote server’s game modes, including setting descriptions, rules, and player guides for each game mode offered.
  • Manage Gifts: Provides the ability to create, distribute, and manage gift codes, offering players rewards, incentives, credits, and promotional items.
  • Manage Help Center: Empowers administrators to create and maintain a comprehensive help center or knowledge base, guiding players through FAQs and how-to articles.
  • Manage Leaderboards: Authorizes the setup and management of in-game leaderboards, showcasing top players and encouraging competitive play.
  • Manage Wheel Of Fortune: Enables the creation and management of a Wheel of Fortune feature, adding an interactive and fun element for players to engage with.
  • Manage Blog: Permits the publication and management of blog posts, allowing the server to share updates, news, and engaging content with the community.
  • View Notifications: Allows administrators to view system notifications, keeping them informed about crucial system actions, user activities, and other alerts.
  • Manage Pages: Grants the ability to create, modify, and delete web pages within the system, controlling the site’s structure and content.
  • Manage Payments: Provides tools to manage and oversee the server’s financial transactions, including donations, purchases, and other revenue-generating activities.
  • Manage Roles: Permits the definition and modification of user roles, specifying what permissions each role contains for finer access control.

    Users who have the “Manage Roles” permission are unable to edit a user with a higher role.

  • Manage Servers: Provides the ability to manage the game servers required for product delivery and executing commands.
  • Manage Settings: Enables administrators to configure global settings for the LeaderOS platform, tailoring the system to the server’s specific requirements and preferences.
  • Manage Slider: Grants the ability to create and manage homepage sliders, effectively highlighting key features, events, or news directly on the server’s website.
  • Manage Store: Provides comprehensive tools for managing a web store, facilitating the sale of items, ranks, and other goods for monetization purposes.
  • Manage Support: Provides management ability to support. Can manage support tickets, categories, quick answers.
  • Manage Support Tickets: Provides the ability to see and reply to support messages. It does not have administrative level access, such as managing categories.
  • Manage Themes: Allows for the customization and management of the website’s visual themes, aligning the server’s branding and aesthetic appeal.
  • Manage Updates: Permits the management of LeaderOS updates, ensuring that the platform and its modules are up-to-date with the latest features and security enhancements.
  • Manage Logs: Enables accessing and reviewing system logs, essential for troubleshooting, monitoring activities, and maintaining the integrity of the server’s website.
  • Manage Gaming Night: Offers tools to organize special gaming night events, creating unique and time-limited opportunities for player engagement and monetization.
  • Manage Forum: Provides capabilities to set up and moderate a forum, fostering community discussions, feedback, and player interaction in a structured environment.
  • Manage Custom Forms: Allows for the creation and management of custom forms for contact, feedback, and other interactions, enhancing communication and data collection.
  • Manage Modules: Grants full control over the activation, configuration, and management of LeaderOS modules, tailoring the server’s website to meet the community’s needs.
  • Manage Votes: Provides the ability to manage voting links on various websites.
  • Manage Suggestions: Enables the collection, review, and management of player suggestions, contributing to continuous improvement and community-driven development.
  • Manage Community Goals: Allows setting and monitoring of community goals, encouraging collective player efforts towards common objectives, boosting engagement, and fostering a sense of achievement.

Which permission has access to which pages?

Super AdminAll Pages
View DashboardDashboard > Overview
View StatsDashboard > Misc > Stats
Manage UsersDashboard > User Management > Users
Dashboard > User Management > Staff
Manage ApplicationsDashboard > Forms > Application Forms
Dashboard > Forms > Applications
Manage BansDashboard > User Management > Bans
Manage BazaarDashboard > Misc > Bazaar > Items
Dashboard > Misc > Bazaar > Servers
Dashboard > Misc > Bazaar > Custom Item Images
Manage AnnouncementsDashboard > Misc > Announcements
Manage DownloadsDashboard > Misc > Download Center
Manage GamesDashboard > Misc > Gamemodes
Manage GiftsDashboard > Store > Gifts
Manage Help CenterDashboard > Support & Help > Help Center > Articles
Dashboard > Support & Help > Help Center > Topics
Manage LeaderboardsDashboard > Misc > Leaderboards
Manage Wheel Of FortuneDashboard > Misc > Fortune Wheel
Manage BlogDashboard > Content Management > Blog > Posts
Dashboard > Content Management > Blog > Categories
Dashboard > Content Management > Blog > Comments
View NotificationsDashboard > Notifications
Manage PagesDashboard > Content Management > Pages
Manage PaymentsDashboard > Settings > Payment Methods
Dashboard > Store > Payments
Manage RolesDashboard > User Management > Roles
Manage ServersDashboard > Store > Game Servers
Manage SettingsDashboard > Settings > General
Dashboard > Settings > System
Dashboard > Settings > API
Dashboard > Settings > Currencies
Dashboard > Settings > Languages
Dashboard > Settings > SEO
Dashboard > Settings > SMTP
Dashboard > Settings > Discord Bot
Dashboard > Settings > Discord Webhook
Manage SliderDashboard > Misc > Slider
Manage StoreDashboard > Store > Store > Products
Dashboard > Store > Store > Categories
Dashboard > Store > Store > Coupons
Dashboard > Store > Store > Orders
Dashboard > Store > Store > Payments
Dashboard > Store > Store > VIP Tables
Dashboard > Store > Store > Bulk Discount
Dashboard > Store > Store > Credit Packages
Manage SupportDashboard > Support & Help > Support > Tickets
Dashboard > Support & Help > Support > Categories
Dashboard > Support & Help > Support > Quick Answers
Manage Support TicketsDashboard > Support & Help > Support > Tickets
Manage ThemesDashboard > Appearance > Themes
Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Settings
Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Editor
Dashboard > Appearance > Header
Dashboard > Appearance > Custom CSS
Manage UpdatesDashboard > Updates
Manage LogsDashboard > Logs
Manage Gaming NightDashboard > Store > Gaming Night
Manage ForumDashboard > Content Management > Forum > Threads
Dashboard > Content Management > Forum > Categories
Manage Custom FormsDashboard > Forms > Custom Forms
Dashboard > Forms > Submissions
Manage ModulesDashboard > Settings > Modules
Manage VotesDashboard > Misc > Votes
Manage SuggestionsDashboard > Misc > Suggestions
Dashboard > Misc > Suggestions > Categories
Manage Community GoalsDashboard > Store > Community Goals