How to create a custom page?

Go to Dashboard > Content Management > Pages > Add New. You can add a custom page by providing the following information:

  • Title: Enter the title of the page.
  • Slug: Enter the slug of the page. It will be used in the URL. For example, if you enter about-us, the URL of the page will be
  • Content: You can add the content of the page using the HTML editor.

How to see the custom page on your website?

After creating a custom page, you can see it on Dashboard > Content Management > Pages. You can click on the “View” button to see the page on your website.

How to hide the custom page?

You can hide the custom page by clicking on the “Edit” button and changing the Is Active? status to No.

How to add a custom page to Header Menu?

After creating a custom form and copying the URL, you can add it to the Header Menu on Dashboard > Appearance > Header.