How can players sell items in the player bazaar?

To sell items in the player bazaar, players should follow these steps:

  1. Place the desired item into their bazaar storage using the “/webbazaar” command in-game.
  2. Subsequently, they can view and list the items for sale directly from their bazaar storage on the website.

Summary, use the “/webbazaar” command in-game, put the items in the bazaar storage, and list them for sale on the website.

How to use purchased items?

Purchased items will be stored in the player’s bazaar storage. Players can access their purchased items in-game by using the “/webbazaar” command.

How to cancel sales and return items to your bazaar storage?

To cancel a sale and return items to the bazaar storage, players can:

  1. Navigate to the product editing page and click on “Remove from Bazaar” to cancel the sale.
  2. Access the bazaar storage and retrieve the returned items in-game using the “/webbazaar” command.

How can players buy items from the player bazaar?

Players can buy items on Bazaar page on the website. They can search for items by name, category, or price range. Once they find the item they want to buy, they can click on the “Buy” button to purchase the item.

How to take commission from player bazaar sales?

Go to Dashboard > Settings > System and set the “Bazaar Commission (%) to the desired percentage. This will be the commission you will take from the player bazaar sales. For example, if you set the commission to 10%, players who sell an item for 100 credits will receive 90 credits after the sale. A commission of 10 credits will be burned.