OneSignal is a free push notification service for mobile apps, web apps, and websites with features like targeted notifications, localization, scheduling, and segmentation.

How to set up OneSignal?

  1. Go to OneSignal and sign up for an account.
  2. Go to OneSignal > Settings > Platforms, and activate the Web platform.
  3. Choose Typical Site as the integration method.
  4. Enter your site name and URL, and click Save.
  5. Go to OneSignal > Settings > Keys & IDs. Copy the OneSignal App ID and Rest API Key.
  6. Go to Dashboard > Settings > System Settings. Enable OneSignal and paste the OneSignal App ID and Rest API Key.
  7. Go to Dashboard > Overview. Subscribe to push notifications.

You can learn more about OneSignal by visiting their website.

Which notification types does OneSignal integration support?

OneSignal sends notifications for the following events:

  • Product Purchased: When a user purchases a product.
  • Credits Purchased: When a user purchases credits.
  • Support Ticket Opened: When a user opens a support ticket.
  • Blog Post Commented: When a user comments on a blog post.
  • Application Submitted: When a user submits an application.